Innovative Mobility Research (IMR) is a group of projects and researchers focused on exploring innovative mobility technologies and services that could improve transportation options, while reducing their negative societal and environmental impacts. IMR seeks to provide critical data and analysis to mobility providers in optimizing system-wide transportation options.

The Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) was formed in 2006 to combine the research forces of six campus groups at UC Berkeley: the University of California Transportation Center, the University of California Energy Institute, the Institute of Transportation Studies, the Energy and Resources Group, the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies, and the Berkeley Institute of the Environment.

IMR builds on the research expertise of ITS-Berkeley and TSRC and forms strategic alliances with a wide range of public-private sector partners. IMR projects include diverse perspectives from a broad spectrum, including state and local government, industry, universities, non-profit organizations, and start-up businesses. These partnerships strengthen IMR's research, enable rigorous research, and assure real-world outcomes.